Owner, Instructor

Former 4 year collegiate competitive rower.

20+ year recreation and club rower.

UCanRow2 Concept2 Master Instructor

CrossFit LVL1 Certificate

About me

I am an on-the-water trained, former competitive collegiate rower and an all-around rowing geek. My passion for rowing was sparked when I sat in a shell for first time freshman year at SUNY Maritime College in ’95, and I’ve been rowing ever since. Since graduating in '00, I have satisfied my rowing fix on my Concept2 rower grinding it out in my garage and on the water with local clubs here in the Tampa Bay area. 

The rowing stroke is one of the most intensive total body movements using 85% of your muscles while also an endurance exercise with the benefit of close to zero impact on the body. No movement compares. It makes me sad to see the indoor rower in gyms being used with poor technique or only being used as warm up equipment. The rowing machine is so much more than that. 

I would be happy to share my passion with anyone interested in learning how to use this highly effective piece of equipment. Please feel free to contact me if you are one of those people.

- Andrew